DD’s Rigging Shortcuts ( Maya Python Tool)

DD’s Rigging Shortcut Tools v1.0

The Tool is Copyright of Dharmin Doshi
For any issues, problems or help contact me at www.dharmindoshi.com

This is a tool I created to speedup my rigging process and always have been using it. You may add the shortcut to self but I always had hard time remembering the logo and the Maya would only let you have short names for the tool and always had to hover my arrow over it to see the tool tip. So I simply converted the shelf to my tool that I can always had open in Maya while I am rigging and was much better experience and a bit faster when rigging.

This is a very simple tool that uses the PyQt and Pyside modules to quickly create your UI and convert it to Python. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestions. The tool is free to download and use.


PyQt4 and PySide installed inside your preferred version of Maya’s Python Site Packages. For example (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\”Your Maya Version”\Python\Lib\site-packages\)
PyQt4 download link: http://www.riverbankcomputing.com/software/pyqt/download
PySide download link: https://wiki.qt.io/Category:LanguageBindings::PySide::Downloads
Make sure the PyQt4 version matches your Maya’s bit operation. If your Maya is 32-Bit then download x32 version of PyQt4 and vice versa.


1- Copy the python code to your Maya Scripts Directory (C:\user\”USER”\Documents\Maya\”Version of maya you use\Scripts”)
2- Open Maya and go to script tab below on the left corner and change it to Python if you currently have MEL (Click on MEL to change it to Python)
3- Run this code (import DD’s_Rigging_Shortcuts_v01
run() )

1- Open the .py file throug notepad (I prefer Notepad++ or Sublime Text) and simple copy paste the code to
Maya’s Python script tab in Script Editor (Window>General Editors>Script Editor)

Download Here