Hulk Rig (Free Maya Rig)

Hulk Rig (Free Maya Rig)

Hulk Rig 1.0 by Revanth



Download Here

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  1. Andy
    1145 days ago

    Thanks for sharing your rig Dharmin!
    The only thing is the mesh for the eyes and mouth seem to be missing. Would it be possible for you to upload a fixed version please?

    • admin
      1046 days ago

      Hello Andy,

      This hulk rig is not rigged by me, its by someone else. I am just sharing it. I think the mesh is there but might have a transparent shader assigned to it. Just simply change it to some other shader.

      • Revanth
        1020 days ago

        Hi admin ! i really appreciate your blog work . i’m this hulk rig maker . if anyone have a doubt about this rig please feel free to contact me .thank you.

        • admin
          1008 days ago

          Thank you Revanth, I am glad to share your rig to animators. Me being a rigger myself, I liked your rig and it works great 🙂

        • Bharath
          774 days ago

          hai revanth, i really like your work(rig) for hulk & i’m having small doubt rig for right hand means fk curve for right hand is there any switch for that could you please tell me that.

          thank you

          • Bharath
            774 days ago

            got it
            thank you . . 🙂

  2. website here
    1089 days ago

    I really started laughing at one point. But, it’s all good.

  3. Arneil
    1072 days ago

    Hey man! I really like your hulk rig. Im not a student but i am a professional animator working in the industry, is it okay if i use your rig for demo purposes?

  4. vipan
    1005 days ago

    Thanks a lot for these rigs . I m student the hulk using for practice Animate.
    Admin please update more rigs I love you.

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